KIDDY GiRL-AND Episode 11: Shadow Worker

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Tweedledee and A-ou are briefing Ascoeur, Q-feuille and Di-air on the G-society ES-members (I must have missed the guy with the camera going around taking pictures during the fighting). Details for Torch ad Shade as as per the last database update. Ascoeur calls Rubis a bakeneko and A-ou descrbes Saphir as a Yuki Onna. They are professional assassins who have been active as long as the GTO has been around. They referred to Pauk's Crazy Cracker as an energy yo-yo (I've always seen them as a bolas) anad surmise that the pair are siblings or at least relatives due their appearance and similar abilities. Ascoeur interrupts. A lot.

THe G-Society base is a fully-fledged colony with artificial sky and everything. The lolishota pair really are adored by everyone there. I notice their outfits are less detailed than they were in the PIlot DVD, the brooches in particular. They go to visit their Grandmother in hospital, who calls them cousins rather than twins as I have been assuming until now, which as least makes Pauk's intentions less squicky. She came with them to G-Society after Letuchaia was discovered by Geacht'er. What is clear is that we're being shown that most of G-Society are just ordinary civilians and that Pauk and Letuchaia are not really evil people.

Apparently Letuchaia and Pauk are the only Shadow Workers who are also Nouvlesse so Letuchaia looks down on the otheres and gave her maid Core (or whatever name they are aiming for in some obscure language) some camera glasses to spy on the others. Something I forgot to mention the last time she turned up - her seiyuu is Mami Kosuge, the voice of the receptionist Bonita from the original series (who was also an ES-member according to the extra material for the series). Rubis is in her underwear and Core has correctly divined that the way to her heart is through her stomache, which is par for the course for beast-type characters. Rubis tries to get Core to bad-mouth her charges (catching her between a rock and a hard place, or rather between a set of claws and some exploding yo-yos) but is saved by the entry of Saphir. Core has tidied Saphir's dump of a bedroom which rather annoys her. She starts undressing.. until Rubis points out the hickies on her chest. So she freezes her and Core executes a sharp exit.

Eyecatch: We can rebuilt her - Drill Babaa!

Core is now tidying Torch's room. She finds a hair on his bed, which Torch promptly causes to vanish... but then trips over something invisible in the floor, dispelling the illusion which was hiding the rest of the junk and mess in the room. Shade, who has been away inspecting the fleet, returns while Torch is putting the moves on her - it seems he's something of a ladies man - and possibly bi, since the guys are either a couple or Shade wishes they were. Shade goes to have a shower while Core cleans Torch's room - and only Torch's room.

There's a photo on the wall of the two of them while they were in the GCPO (the Galactic Criminal Police Organization - it was mention in the Kiddy Grade Vs manga; antagonists Viper and Virago were really GCPO agents Ace and Alpha who were working undercover). If these two really are Sinistra and Dextera they must have left the GOTT to work for the GCPO at some point after the original series, before changing allegiances again to G-Society but after changing their appearances - they were notable by their absence in the prologue battle, despite having been included in the original K-G.2 Pilot. Shade returns and has a heart-to-heart with Torch - and Core is loving the yaoi vibes. After leaving Core receives a nasty present from Shade - a vision of cockroaches.

Pauk's brooch flashes - a summons from Geacht'er. Letuchaia shows him her spy footage and gets a kiss on the hand which sends her all hanya~n. It looks like he's playing them all against each other as Saphir also shows up with a report on the other teams. On her way out she passes Shade and there's no love lost between them; she's so annoyed she causes the corridor to ice over. Predictable enough, Shade also hands over a report on the two other Shadow teams. Looks like half of every pair has the hots for him, something he is clearly using to his advantage. Alone once again Geacht'er pulls up an image of our heroines and focuses in on Ascoeur.

Meanwhile, back at the GTO.. apparently the UG is seriously considering voting G-society into power in place of the disgraced GTO; the battle has already begun but the GTO cannot be seen to move openly in their current position so Ascoeur's team will have to act, but first they need to hear about the "time freeze incident" 25 years ago.. but not until next week.

Episode 12: The space frozen in time (時間の凍りついた空間 Jikan no Kooritsu ita Kuukan). Flipping 'eck - from that last image at the end of the preview it looks like what Éclair and Lumière did was freeze that entire planet in time and they are both, presumably, still locked up in there. But not for long judging by those familiar boots.

snapshot_24.46.png snapshot_24.48.png

Staff: Storyboards by Hiroyuki Shimazu, Koji Iwai as director, and Tomokazu Sugimura (aka Over Drive - NSFW) as Sakkan.

Also, my copies of the two Ending Theme CDs arrived today.


KIDDY GiRL-AND #11 -- Spies Like Us (Tenka Seiha)

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