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Three new G-society profiles are up in the character section of official site, and we now have the actual spelling to Geacht'er which appears to be Dutch, meaning something like "Esteemed one".

Geacht'er (ガクトエル Gakutoeru)
The handsome young leader of G-Society, he is calm and collected and supposedly of noble lineage. He claims to be acting for the good of humanity, however he has promised to restore the Neo Nobility - the Nouvlesse - to their former glory, and his true intentions are unknown.

Torch (トーチ Toochi)
A member of the executive branch of G-Society, the so-called Shadow Workers, he is cheerful and amiable. His ability, Mirage-L (ミラージュ・L Miraaju L), is creating optical illusions. He used to be a an ES-member for the GCPO (Galactic Criminal Police Organization).

Shade (シェイド Sheido)
Torch's partner, he commands the G-society attack fleet. He is handsome, serene and quiet. His ability, Mirage-D (ミラージュ・D Miraaju D), creates mental illusions.

(I assume, given their names, that "L" is for light and "D" is for dark)

Thanks to ilmaestro for translation assistance.


Sadly, I've not been able to watch this series. Hopefully, I'll get to start at the first of next year when some titles like White Album run their course.

I don't really know if "Geacht'er" is a dutch word. It can be a combination of "geacht" which stands for "dear" and "er" which means "yonder or there". I'm not really sure about it, but I guess they pronounce it a little weird. If I should say it in dutch with a Japanese acent I would say "Gachteru". But it can be old dutch. the spelling was a little different than it'5s now.

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