Movie blu-ray box has English subtitles (no dub)


News about the blu-ray releases has been added to the official site along with full details on the TV and movie boxes.

The series is on 4 dual-layer discs, 6 episodes per disc, with the extras on a separate single-layer disc. They will be split between a triple-disc and a double-disc case together in a box.

Video is encoded in 1080i MPEG-4 AVC, except some of the extras which are 480i MPEG-2.
It actually does have subtitles, but unfortunately only Japanese.

The three movies are each on dual-layer discs in a triple-disc case with the extras on a single-layer disc in a separate case. Again encoded in 1080i MPEG-4 with some 480i extras.

Now here is the good news - while the movies don't in fact include an English dub (since none exists), they will have English subtitles.

There are also pages for the sets in the movie and original series sections of the site. Same information, but including for completeness:


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