Kiddy Grade on Bluray


According to the Chara-ani store Kadokawa are re-releasing Kiddy Grade (yet again) as a Bluray box set, with another set for the movies.

TV series:
Due out on the 27th of November priced at ¥37,800
Comes in a box illustrated by Megumi Kadonosono with a new 16-page story "Word Layer" (ワードレイヤー)
Comes with all the original extras (TV spots, NC OP&ED, copyright warnings etc) along with the pilot and "Sound Layer" - would be nice if this was the complete set of audio novels from the CDs but it is probably just the extra ones included with the DVD box sets.
Includes the original LPCM stereo Japanese track and the English dub in LPCM 5.1

Due out Christmas Day (25/12) priced at ¥22,050
Also in a Kadonosono-illustrated box. Again includes all the original extras and also the K-G.2 pilot. Same audio options as the series.

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Now listed on Amazon Japan:

The series apparently comes on 5 discs and the movies, surprisingly since they have less than half the collective runtime, on 4.
For the series it also indicates subtitles, but not what language. Since English subs exist for the series and not the movies there is hope therefore that this includes the subs as well as the dub.

[edit=a few minutes later]
Up on CD Japan and Neowing also so we now have the product codes:


Blu-ray box set release from anime series "Kiddy Grade." Includes four DVDs, five bonus DVDs, original illustration box and short story (16-page). Bonus DVD features setting guide, illustration gallery, TV spots, creditless intro & outro, audio commentary and more.


Blu-ray box set release from theatrical feature of anime series "Kiddy Grade" including three DVDs, four bonus DVDs, original illustration box. Bonus DVDs feature illustration gallery, press conference footage, interview, trailer, TV spot, audio commentary and more.


[edit=later, now I'm not rushing to catch the bus]
CDJ messed up their translation making the same error twice; it is actually 4 discs for the series plus a fi[b]fth[/b] bonus disc and 3 discs for the movies plus a four[b]th[/b] disc for the extras.

Sep.8/2009 Anime News: Kiddy Grade BD (Can you Moe?)
「キディ・グレイド」のTV&劇場版がBlu-ray BOX化 (AV Watch)


Thanks for all these infos.
And yeah, I bet cdjapan's informations are wrong.
I would've prolly pre-ordered the movie set if it was indeed 16:9, 4:3 is not really what I am looking for these days.

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