KIDDY GiRL-AND pure ch6: Touch and Go


October's Comp Ace arrived today. As well as the preview of the anime character designs I mentioned previously it includes chapter 6 of the manga, Touch and Go (たっち・and・ごー), which is also the name of the cafe. The thing that I've rushed online to blog about however is two new characters, a pair of female G-Class ES-Members who arrive with a "ざゃっざゃ~ん" which is hopefully ringing alarm bells for other people as well..
Their names are Trixie (トリクシー), who has short dark hair and ample assets, and Troisienne (トロワジェイン) who has long light-coloured hair (latter romanization sourced from 2ch and subject to further research).
I will return once I've got some snapshots online and have have had another look at the text.


Pictures are now up.

OK, we have definite confirmation that the series is starting this Autumn season (今秋TVアニメスタート):

- actually, it says much the same thing on those colour pictures that were posted on that wiki days ago - I guess I should learn the Kanji for the seasons ^^;


Ascoeur's comb turns into a sword:

Torowajein can stop a giant mecha in it's tracks:

Now, working with what images I have to hand:


Can't believe I missed this earlier but there's another familiar catchphrase here, 「女の子はエレガントに」:




"ざゃっざゃ~ん" What does that mean? Sorry, it's just that I don't know Japenese. Otherwise a great update. Keep it up.

I don't know much Japanese, so ざゃっざゃ~ん didn't make much sense until I saw it in the context of the scan.

Uh, yeah, I'm kinda excited for next month. :D

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