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It's not a big update, but it's an excuse for adding a new picture to the blog. The official Kiddy Grade site has added a picture of a flyer for the DVD boxes. Naturally I want one, but since picking one up requires either a physical presence in Japan or extortionate charges on Yahoo! Auctions through SMJ I may have to stick with the picture for now.

[edit="a little later" /]I've not done this for a while, but since my Kiddy Grade iGoogle plugin just flagged a couple of major hits, thought it was time for another links dump:

Ask John: Where is Kiddy Grade 2? (Animenation blog, 20080501)
I Want My Kiddy Grade (Impartially Biased blog, 20080504)
Kiddy Grade Fan Site (new fansite by a member of the FUNimation forums)
Kiddy Grade 2 (Advanced Anime forums, 20080306)
Kiddy Grade 2 (the waiting's simply killing me) (Viki Rosenzveig's blog, 20070705)
Season 2 Coming Soon (IMDb Kiddy Grade forums, 20061002)
Kiddy Grade 2?! (Felix's Anime Gaming Tech Ramblings, 20070122)
Kiddy Grade 2 pilot (Felix's Anime Gaming Tech Ramblings, 20070526)
KG2 (nebby_99's Livejournal, 20070528)
Date on Kiddy Grade 2? (Hongfire Anime Network forums, 20080205)
Kiddy Grade FanClub (MyAnimeList)
New season of kiddy Grade's single announced (Minitokyo forums, 1y 14wk ago)

(Like I said, some are really old but it's been a while since the last dump, and some only turned up relatively recently)


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