Kiddy Grade box art


Amazon have added new box art to their listing for the first DVD box. I don't know if it is final or just a prelimiary mock-up, it has logos etc. on it this time around, but is different to what was pictured in the promo video.



Great pic of Eclair! I also love the other pic of Lumiere.

BTW, have you personally heard anything about KG2? It seems to have died or on "indefinite hiatus."

I don't know anything that hasn't been printed here already. It may be worth bearing in mind that, at the current rate, the Kiddy Grade re-runs on AT-X will end in October, in time for the Autumn anime season. Kiddy Grade and Uta Kata both started their runs in October.
I'm not getting my hopes too high, but it is a target to aim for at least.

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