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I've just spotted a listing for "kidhigureidobokkusu01shokai" on Yes Asia. A more sane translation of this would be "Kiddy Grade Box 1" and the release date is the 23rd of May.
It's not on CDJapan so I don't yet have a product code, and the official site has not been updated. Yes Asia for whatever reason also attach the Japanese product info as jpegs so I can't autotranslate it, but it contains the first 12 episode so is the first of two boxes and apparently also has interview(s) and a new "Special Sound Layer" audio drama. The major downside is the price of ¥19000 - $180.99 (over £90) using Yes Asia currently conversion rate.
The obvious question to ask myself is: do I really want to spend yet more oodles of money on this series for a relatively small amount of extras? I probably will, but not without wincing.
If/when I find any more info I'll update this post.

OK, the product code is KABA-4601 and I've found it on Amazon (completely skipped my mind to look there earlier).
Amazon has a little more info than Yes Asia: there is an extra discs containing an interview with Keiji Gotoh. The new Sound Layer is an "Eclipse Chapter". The jacket is illustrated by Kadonosono Megumi and features Eclair (the second box will presumably be Lumiere). It will be a Digipak.
Yet again, it appears we are being shafted with regards to commentary tracks (has Aya ever done any commentaries yet?), which might suggest that they were just releasing the original discs again without remastering however asread is credited with production assistance again so, unless this is an error or is referring to something on the extra disc, then some sort of modifications have been made to the original Gonzo animation (possibly inserting reanimated scenes from the movies or something).
The following image is from Getchu:
While it is clearly not an actual package illustration it is a piece of art that I've personally not seen before.

Tower Records has the second box, KABA-4602, slated for the 27th of June.

[update 3 - 2008-03-26]
Now up on CD Japan and Neowing. They say:
"DVD box set release from anime series "Kiddy Grade" includes episodes 1 through 12 on six DVDs plus one bonus disc with interview with the director, audio drama, and more!"
The fact that the first half of the series is again over six discs suggests that they are just repackaging the original DVDs.

[update 4]
Changed the image to a slightly better one from Amazon, below.



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