Kiddy Grade Truth Dawn ending theme

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I've found out from Kano's site that there is to be a new ED theme for the third movie Truth Dawn by Savage Genius (Uta Kata OP/ED and a number of other anime since). The title is 「あなたのようです。」 which, being in Hiragana I can transcibe easily enough ("Anata no Yō desu"), but with no Kanji to indicate meaning all I know is that it means something like "It is your Yō." The online translator I use reckons it to be "It seems to be you."


I missed a couple of updates on the official site while I was away on holiday, but there were all about what guests will be at the Truth Dawn showings in September.

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The song is included on Savage Genius' second album, Sora no Kotoba, to be released on the 7th November. As with the last album, there is a limited edition version available with a DVD, which this time has footage from their performance at Anime Expo earlier this year.

Regular edition:

Special edition:

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