Kiddy Grade movie rescreenings


If I understand the update correctly, the first two movies (Ignition and Maelstrom) will be each be shown once again at "Theatre Dia" in Ikebukuro at 21:10 on the 7th and 14th of September respectively. Which is useless news to anyone oustide Japan of course.
In other news, the Truth Dawn trailer went up on the official site on the 11th. Didn't seem worth it's own entry since it presents nothing new, but I guess two trivial pieces of news almost make it to the level of a single useful post. ANN has already reported on this (I added the link to the end of the last entry) and there was a brief flutter of interest on the forums, but no-one seems terribly excited by the movies (having been underwhelmed by the first one myself this is understandable, however I only know one other person who has actually watched it and no-one else that actually owns a copy).


Sakura Shinguji of AoD has a copy also, and has done a much better job of writing it up than I have:

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