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I now have my Kiddy Grade 2 Pilot DVD in my sweaty just-washed-so-they-won't-leave-greasy-finergrints paws.

Scans are going up at

Mistral is actually the ships name; the robot's name is Tifon (or something like that.. Typhon?). The new GTO boy's name is Zoma. To summarise the new characters (I'll tidy them up later when I've thought more about what they are supposed to be):

Ascule (アスクール Asukuuru)
Que Feuilles (ク・フィーユ Ku Fiiyu)
Hiver (イヴェール Iveeru)
Zoma (ゾマ)

Mistral (ミストラル Misutoraru)
Typhon (ティフォン Tifon)

Letuchie (リトゥーシャ Rituusha)
Pauk (パウーク Pauuku).

Now some things of note from the Continuity File:
Yes, those really are chocolate.
Ascule fires "nanoneedles" from her comb.
The mark on Ascule's thigh is just referred to as a shining rose tatoo, and her move simply as teleporting.
Adult Lumiere is drinking champagne.

Eclair's lines:

[edit]Added some settei capped from the DVD, under the cut.[/edit]

[edit=2]I've gotten around to scanning the Continuity File cover so I can now bring up another point: Like the Continuity Files for the first series the cover of this PV Continuity File has clockwise numbers as part of the design. The first time around these numbers were highlighted in sequence on the cover of each File, so assuming that this series will again have Continuty FIles with the LE DVDs and that they keep this design then we can also assume that there will be 12 DVDs, which also points to another 24 episode series.[/edit]

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Thanks for the art, I really like the designs for Mistral

I think Ritusha's name is Russian (Ритуша), a variant of Margaret apparently, which means "pearl". Her twin's name is presuably Russian also in that case, but I'm not even sure how to write it in English, let alone a language I've never spoken ^_^;

OK, apparently Pauk (Паук) is Russian for "Spider" so that is a possibility.

Updated above.

And just spotted another clue.. Pauk has a spider brooch at his neck so the above is looking more and more likely. Ritusha has a bat brooch, but I've yet to form any connection between a bat and any possible variation of her name that I've been able to come up with so far.

Is it me, or do the marks under pauk and ritusha's eyes make them look...kind of dead-looking?plus, they have to be the cutest baddies I've ever seen!
anyway, thanks for the scans and info!it rocks!

I'm reposting this as I accidentally deleted my last comment while clearing out spam. The problem is I cannot remember all of what I posted. Thankfully I found a copy I was working on in Google docs, although it may not be the final version but here goes:

I've been doing some more digging and I may finally have cracked it.
There are two groups of bats, the megabat (megachiroptera) and the microbat
(microchiroptera). The microbats, also known as "true bats" and the ones that use echolocation, are called Летучие мыши or Летучая мышь in Russian, which I believe would be romanized as "letuchie myshi" or "letuchaya mysh"

I updated the article above, using the letuchaya spelling as that was used as the English translated title of a Russian film.

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