More KG2 character names

Apologies in advance as this is more of a rant/whinge than a proper update, although I will add some new info at the end.

Anyway, I ordered two copies of the K-G.2 Pilot DVD well in advance and from different suppliers to be sure I had first press and had it in my hands as quickly as possible. Well, I hadn't figured on the bank holiday weekend coming at the same time so both parcels arrived yesterday. While no-one was at home. I arrive home after 10pm yesterday to find two missed delivery slips. One was for parcelfarce who said to pick it up today which my Father was willing to do for me while I was in work, the other was from dull who wanted to arrange redelivery. Since I was getting the one today anyway I arranged for DHL to redeliver on Friday when I'm off work. When I arrived home tonight I was informed that the parcel had not been there. Ho hum.

What did manage to arrive safely yesterday was a parcel from Archonia with June's Newtype Japan (along with some backissues of Megami and other mags they had that I didn't). As well as the poster which I mentioned in an earlier entry, there's also a review of the Pilot DVD and an ad for Maelstrom.

From what I can make out with a cursory scan the two enemies seen in the PV are named "Rituusha" (リトゥーシャ) and "Pauuku" (パウーク). I can see I'll be scratching my head over these for a while. I can also see the name "Mistral" (ミストラル misutoraru) which I take to be the name of heroine's mecha and "Iveeru" (イヴェール) which I believe refers to the lanky meganekko.

[edit]see next entry for updates and corrections[/edit]

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