Kiddy Grade 2 trailer - updated


A trawl for new info on the net has turned up an AnimeNation News article about a 75s trailer which is now up on the Newtype site.

I have no sound but the trailer, which is intercut with scenes of an explosion on an orbital rim features:

A lineup consisting of A-ou, Un-ou, Mystery girl, Que Feuilles, Ascule, Mystery boy, Tweedledee and Tweedledum before a new logo that looks to contain "UG" and "GO" in place of "GU" and "GOTT".
Closeups of Ascule and Que Feuilles.
Eclipse in a ship
Mystery girl with Ascule and Que Feuilles.
Hard to get a clear shot, but that is the La Muse Calliope.
Chibi Eclair (0318Ver.)
More Ascule and Que Feuilles
Guard Robot
A-ou and Un-ou being pally with Ascule and Que Feuilles.
What looks like a pair of evil male and female twins.
Ascule and Que Feuilles fighting some machine/genetic beast.
Sinistra and Dextera
Viola and Cesario
More of the same guard robot
Epilogue Eclair and Lumiere.
The Fenice entering a Warp Gate the wrong way
Dead guy
Mystery girl, smoking (Armbrust sex change??!)
Mystery boy (Chevalier?)
Ascule has a My-HiME-style glowing tattoo on her inner thigh.
Ascule and Que Feuilles floating in space.

If I can make screenshots when I'm home between 12-hour shifts I will.
[edit]Added screenshots and some other things I couldn't make out when having a quick squint on a work PC near the end of a shift[/edit]

Oh and PS: Amazon and CDJapan have the Pilot DVD cover image up.

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When will K.G 2 released? I saw the image of a DVD Cover is it released yet pls tell me! and i saw your pictures on Picasa. Those sketches looked hard are you related to Producers? or a little Related?

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