Kiddy Grade site update - June Newtype

The site has had an update. As well as adding a link to the trailer on the Newtype site, they're also advertising the May June* issue of issue of Newtype (Japan). which has a Kiddy Grade poster. I've had a copy for a few days that turned up on Futaba, but I didn't know where it came from. The poster itself features the two main characters, although it is drawn by Maiko Okada of asread rather than Megumi or Gotoh (although it does match Megumi's style fairly well). It looks kinda like the signature weapons this time will be a comb (for Ascule) and pebbles (for Que Feuilles) - the way she is using them reminds me of Inukami and Chrno Crusade.

* Edit: Actually, looks like there's an error on the Newtype site and it should be the June issue, unless this year has two Mays.

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