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The Kiddy Grade site has been updated again.
If I understand this correctly, the original series has been cut down into three 80-90 minute episodes for theatrical release entitled "Ignition", "Maelstrom", and "Truth Dawn". This will be a Director's Cut verion with new footage. They will be shown at Theatre Shinjuku beween the 7th April and 20th April (my birthday), 23rd June and 6th July and the 1st the to 14th of September. Tickets are 1500 yen in advance or 1800 on the door. Full information at

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Tickets are now on sale and there's some infor on the sinemabox site at (scroll to the bottom).

Until the 23rd March Chara-Ani are selling special tickets for ¥2,625 that seem to come with a calendar or something. They also have pictures of the tickets themselves.

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