Kiddy Grade 2 Megami article

There's a small piece on the sequel in the March 2007 issue of Megami (vol. 82).

I hadn't noticed the mid-dot in ク・フィーユ before (I think it is there in the Newtype article as well, but looked rather like part of the background starfield). フィーユ usually seemes to romanise to Fille ('girl' in French), but I'm not sure about the ku.. could possible be "Cou Fille" ('neck girl') but that doesn't make a great deal of sense strike that, another flash of insipration: "coup" (as in "counting coup" or "coup de grâce") is also pronounced coo and makes more sense since "Coup Fille" means something like "hit girl". Wish I'd had the option of French rather than German lessons in school.

[edit]Just had a flash of memory after a snooze - there's a character called Fille in the second Gemini Knives novel, but there it is written as フィユ without the dash throwing a shadow of doubt on the above interpretation.[/edit]

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