Higurashi no naku koro ni 14

Only just started watching the ep but wanted to jot down some notes. This will probably end up as another of my stream-of-consciousness style things, so gomen.

I'm assuming we've gone back in time to the dam project and the first murders. I'm also going to make an assumption that the main character so far is the guy who gets chopped up (I think they're calling him Akasaka or something?). The prologue with the white van from the first arc and the boy snatched (Inukai Toshiki, class 3-5 I think his label reads.. looks like he was in Tokyo?) I didn't get the context of at all.
Ooh, I think this is the first time we've seen Rika go do the "posessed" thing. And also.... I'll say it again but the younger the characters go the more messed up their proportions are, Rika at her regular age was bad enough, I can't help wondering how bad Satoko is going to look when she shows up.
I'm guessing that the woman with the same hair colour as Mion and guy between them are her parents? I can't remember it being said that they were dead in the later timeframe but they didn't seem to be around. I wish I could remember the names and relation to the main characters of the people who died/went missing in previous Wataganashi festivals.
OK, so the boy was definitely snatched before the start of the main story.

BuildingsNever speak to strangers, especially generic noilersuit men in unmarked vansToshiki InukaiSilly boyChibi(er than usual) RikaHinamizawaMissing boy. And Tadakichi-sanShe was pregnant....so she's probably now deadOh no, not you againlolilolipedofinno use denying itshe has you, nipa~there's no escape nowSomeone forgot to warn him that cameras get you killed in HinamizawaDamn protesters!Nii-san, shoulder ride!bad hair dayCome back Lucy all is forgivenOyashiro=sama, hisashiburi!..lolopedofinI see dead peopleMion's and family?I see dead people?Mion's parents?..he's a gonnerSo is ToshikiBut at least he died with clean teathThe Matrix has you.

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