Uta∽Kata R1 DVD cover art


Now available from Amazon via WTK on Anime on DVD is Sentai's box art for their upcoming US release of the series.


What they say:

Through the mirror... a tale told darkly

Before you make a deal with a girl in a mirror, reflect seriously on the source of the offer. Ichika Tachibana fails to take this advice in order to retrieve a lost charm, and as a result suddenly ends up with the magical forces of a Djinn at her command. Sounds like a good deal, right? Wrong. At first things seem wondrous, with her new friend Manatsu assisting her via text messages and the occasional spell; but as her powers grow, Ichika's situation quickly goes from magical to nightmarish, and she finds herself drawn into an ever expanding web of deceptions, lies and increasingly dangerous situations. For what she's really done is subjected herself to seeing mankind as the Djinn see them. Unfortunately, they don't seem to place a high value on human life. Not all fairy tales are for children as small charms lead to deadly conclusions in UTA∞KATA- THE COMPLETE SERIES!

Note that there are some errors here:

  • They have substituted a lemniscate (∞) for the lazy-s (∽) symbol used in the title.

  • Manatsu doesn't own a mobile phone and I don't recall her actually performing any spells.

As already revealed by translator Sam Pinansky, the two short live action specials featuring lead seiyuu Youko Honda and Masumi Asano on location in the show's setting of Kamukura are included. The full list of extras:

Uta∞kata Specials 1 & 2
Japanese Copyright Warnings
Japanese TV Safety Warnings
Uta∞kata Alternate Next Episode Previews
Clean Opening & Closing Animation

The 13 episodes (including the unbroadcast OVA episode) are split over two DVDs with a runtime of 325 minutes. Audio is Dolby Digital 2.0 as with the Japanese DVDs. The series has been rated as TV-MA (mature audience) in the US with sub-rating of "S" for sexual content, and 14+ in Canada.

The seiyuu commentaries which were available for every episode on the limited edition Japanese DVDs have not been included, presumably since they would add little value for the high cost of translating the unscripted conversational dialogue.


FINALLY - An English friendly release!! Can add it to my two Summer Memory boxes!! This certainly took its time! How are things Shiroi, been a very long time since I have visited! :(

Happy New Year to you! I have been a bit out of the anime scene of late, I did return to watch Kiddy Girl-and & Dance in the Vampire Bund, but I appear to have lapsed again. Do you have any recommendations?

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