KIDDY GiRL-AND Episode 16: Cold Tears

Rubis is chasing Saphir, who is apparently getting fed up of not having enough attention from her beloved bishie. She escapes and takes off in a fancy-looking ship. Meanwhile, Ascoeur is training with Typhon. She talks to him about the imouto thing and he doesn't have the intelligence to keep up and... did he just call her emo? She clearly hasn't told anyone about what Geacht'er said as Q-feuille overhears, but Ascoeur tells her to forget it - which touches a raw nerve given her recent memory problems.

Touch&Go! has nice chinese-style waitress uniforms today. Minoru, Belle and Alisa are getting worried because Ascoeur hasn't messed up a single order - could it be love? The girls grill her about it and says she's alike an imouto to them.. which is a bad choice of wording at the moment. Ascoeur and Q-feuille have a heart strapped to their ankles but for some reason Di-air is wearing her's up near her knee. Q-feuille wants Ascoeur to confide in her, but then she is hiding her own problems as well..

The trio are called up for a "delivery" to the Chief's office. They have received a message from an environment research lab which has someone requesting asylum. Someone who knows Ascoeur and Q-feuille personally.. followed by a message from Saphir which cuts off at the end. They are worried about it being a trap but Ascoeur is desperate to go as she wants to find out more about Geacht'er.

You know those child seats for the car with a toy steering wheel? It looks like Di-air has one ^^;. Fittingly for meeting a Yuki-onna they have come to ice planet Glacies. The whole planet is owned by the "Sion-Menhei Foundation" who keep a sub-zero research lab there. Despite the planet having an orbital rim they land manually. ES-member outfits are really not suited for cold climates - or maybe they are as they have a heating function, but they're feeling the cold regardless. It not Saphir but Rubis who is there to meet them, but Saphir emerges and chases her off. It is warm inside the base, but Rubis has destroyed their transmitter. It looks like Q-feuille is still having problems with her memory. Ascoeur and Rubis are intellectual equals it would appear. Saphir recommends they delay departure till the night when it is colder, which will slow Rubis down.

Over food she tells them a little about G-Society. She tears up when Di-air blows on her food to cool it, but her tear freezes and shatters. Despite singing to Di-air after the meal, when Ascoeur offers her hand to help her up she freezes it and the room is getting awfully foggy - she's been gradually lowering the temperature and waiting for them to collapse. Rubis turns up, and obviously wasn't in on the plan. Heh Saphir is quoting Armbrust. She's just a little jealous over Geacht'er's attention to Ascoeur and takes it out on her. The facility staff have all been killed and replaced with G-Society soldiers in disguise.

Typhon comes to the rescue but the cold affects him also and Rubis attacks him while he's helpless. He calls for help from Mistral but Saphir's ship intercepts. Q-feuille gets a power up from Di-air, revealing her power to Saphir and making her a target. Q-feuille freezes her while Ascoeur get's a power-up but still collapses while fighting Rubis - oh, that's why her nails were green all of a sudden, she was using a paralytic poison. Di-air powers TAMA up also but then collapses also. Q-feuille freezes Rubis as well as she is about run TAMA through but she can't keep it up for long. Mistral is still fighting with the other ship. Q-feuille tells the others to run and finally collapses herself. Ascoeur wakes in a hospital back on Aineias and Q-feuille wakes.. somewhere else, in a White Room.

Next wpisode: "Unknown Name" (知らない名前 Shiranai Namae).
Storyboards: Naotaka Hayashi
Episode directior: Yasushi Muroya
Animation Directors: Ryousuke Tanigawa and Tomokazu Sugimura


KIDDY GiRL-AND #16 -- What a Twist! (Tenka Seiha)

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