KIDDY GiRL-AND Episode 15: A Bad Dream

So, Ascoeur is running late for school...
Hiver is the teacher, Sommer is the iinchou, Di-air's there in the front row...
(BGM is "Day x Day" from the Baby Universe Day single and I'm waiting for the shoe to drop)
As this is her fourth late in a row she has to clean the toilets. She's in the drama club with Di-air and Q-feuille - who is sat by the window with Jin-Hwa sat behind her. A-ou is in the next row being tsukkomi'd by Un-ou for being a cleaning freak - I think this is the first time I've seen in him trousers. There's Tweedledum and Felicie, and Tweedledee naturally.
Still waiting for that shoe.. Ascoeur and Q-feuille are neighbours with adjacent windows.
Time for PE.. A-ou flattens Un-ou (I saw that coming), Ascoeur and Di-air are not only in swimsuits but actual sukumizu, and Di-air even had a rubber ring. All the girls are in sukumizu, with their class (2-B) rather than their names on the front. This Tweedledee is all tsundere.
Ah, there's Belle and Alisa in the canteen, Mi nourose is service naturally.
The school festival is coming up and the drama club is doing Snow White.
Trixie and Troisienne are alive and their sempai and waiting for them in the drama club room - getting strong Clannad vibes from this place.. looks like they are former members who had to drop out due to final year exams.
Practice time: Q-feuille is Snow White, Ascoeur is a very wooden prince, and Di-air is the seven Dwarfs - just get to the kiss. Darn, Q-feuille chickens out. Half the script was ad-libbed since they've been messing around.
OK, now it's time for Buruma. Ooh, Ascoeur's pricked her finger sewing and lucks out with some finger-fera from Troisienne. They crack up every time they get to the kiss scene.
Now the actual play. Q-feuille's Snow White costume is straight out of Disney. The other six dwarves are cutouts. They finally do the kiss but the camera zooms right out. That's more like it. The performance earns them two new members so the club is safe once the T'n'T graduate - which is suddenly happening now (they switch to Winter uniform also.)
OK, now things are getting truly bizarre - TAMA is headmaster. In a suit. This is normally the point when.. yes, Ascoeur wakes up. Can't make out what the book she was reading in bed is supposed to be. Confirmed that they all sleep in one giant bed (Di-air in the middle). Ok, The book is the first volume of "Gakuen Cinderella" (学園シンデレラ) by Kanako Tachibana (橘 かなこ).


I'd not realised that the whole GTO complex was positioned off-shore. Shade is there on one of the roofs and Torch has brought their ship to pick him up. Geacht'er is aboard also. Shade has spent the last week messing with Ascoeur's dreams. A few more scenarios flash past, including Ascoeur as CG Sakura and Harry Potter about to catch the Snitch. He's determined that Ascoeur has no memories beyond being rescued from the escape capsule 8 years ago.
Ascoeur is visiting the graveyard again. They've corrected Troisienne's headstone and given us a better view of it

Our third shinning [sic] girl
Troisienne III Lumiere
To heaven/Dec.SC:0379

Ascoeur has another brief fainting spell as Geacht'er shows up and now she's.. peeved. He disappears when she tries to cut him up and re-appears behind her, then just stands there and lets her discs pass through him. Now he's gone again. She tries to alert the guards, but they all get the flower. He has a rose birthmark like her's on his chest. He says she is his sister, Lieselotte and his real name is Alfred and she escaped from a lab. Her flashback seems to confirm this, although those could be false memories.
She teleports all the way over to the shore but he is there already.
He claims to be her true partner, with a time ability like Q-feuille. I suppose his rose trick could work by stopping time, sticking the roses in and scarpering it before restarting time - if his body isn't just a projection his dodging and apparent teleporting could be the same trick. He just flickered again and did something to Ascoeur. He says it is their abilities resonating, but it looked a lot more comfortable when she did it with Q-feuille -and speaking of the devil she arrives with Di-air on Typhon. Ascoeur produces an immense glowing vortex cutter, slicing clean through the tree behind her. He grants her time to say goodbye, but will be back.

Next episode: Cold Tears (冷たい涙 Tsumetai Namida)
Storyboard: Yukio Nishimoto
Episode director: Odahiro Watanabe / Onkou Watabe
Animation directors: Kazuhiro Oki, Naoaki Houjou, Manabu Yasumoto


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SCHOOL GiRL-AND #15 -- Sith Lordery 101 (Tenka Seiha)

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