KIDDY GiRL-AND Episode 14: Time of encounter


Q-feuille's precog is useful when you have a dojikko as a partner, but she still seems to be getting headache twinges. Belle and Alisa ask about the name of some tea they had before but Q-feuille can't remember it. The others laugh it off but Q-feuille is seriously rattled. Q-feuille really has been around only 7.5 years but hasn't aged at all in that time.
Q-feuille goes to the archives and looks up her own records; her "birth" from something like a cryochamber, her training with A-ou and Un-ou, and now stuff coming up that she has no memory of. Sommer is alerted to what she is doing and informs Hiver who goes to talk to her. One of the pages she has up is on Eclipse:

Galactic Trade Organization
GTO headquarter office chief
(Reserve ES-member )
sex female
registered disposed
To heaven SC0322

Her plaque in the GOTT building said something similar, but this pre-dates even the original series... Apparently it was Eclipse who created her, and sacrificed herself in the process, before she could create a partner for her (we also see a flashback of Hiver sitting with Eclipse who is in a hospital bed). Since this was only 7 years ago they've clearly messed the dates up, it should be something more like SC0372.
Q-feuille is afraid to tell anyone about her failing memory in case they remove her as an ES-member. Now we get a flashback of Q-feuille from a mission during her training where she was loaned out to Tweedledee and Tweedledum. She is in her ES uniform running after and capturing a younger Ascoeur with long braided hair, short dungarees and pink-striped thighhighs. This is clearly their first meeting, although I thought they'd both been in training for around the same time. Q-feuille prevents her teleporting simply by grabbing her hald since at that point she could still only teleport herself. And small objects. Apparently chobo bonbombs can also turn into temporary handcuffs that last for 5 hours. Which is a problem when you need to use the toilet...
Ascoeur thinks she's working for Bronco of the military police but she explains it is them she is investigating. Suddenly they have a bunch of soldiers chasing after them but get away. Ascoeur is still convinced she's working for Bronco. They are hungry so Ascoeur takes them to get some hot dogs, which Q-feuille has never seen before. Ascoeur licks ketchup off her cheek, but their yuri moment is interrupted when those soldiers arrive and blow up the burger van. Their ruthless leader, Lt. Colonel Bronco, has had 30,000 people executed - and a couple of entire cities. It is Q-feuille he is after, not Ascoeur, who hasn't even heard of the GTO, let along ES-members. They escape with one of Q-fi's smoke bombs (Bronco thinks they teleported but no way that happened with two of them.. they just had around the corner).
Ascoeur realises her mistake and apologises. She also came out of a capsule it seems, making them "capsule kyoudai" (siblings), but Q-feuille thinks "shimai" (sisters) is better. Tweedledee gets a transmission from Tweedledum, who is friendlier towards her than I've seen him with anyone other than his sister. Oh.. it actually is Tweedledee who is still on Aineias - they swapped bodies using their "Austauschen" (exchange) ability so she could hack the planet's network.
He takes over once the action starts, and is a lot more competent here than he was fighting with Rubis. Bronco has already murdered all the corrupt bureaucrats and has a bomb on a dead man switch that can take out the whole city and somehow Ascoeur foretold it rather than Q-feuille. Ascoeur teleports the remote into her hand (something I thought she could do but has never been demonstrated till now). Dledee's get's back in the driving seat to defuse the bomb. Ascoeur managed to tap into Q-feuille's ability because their abilities resonated, making them ideal partners. Just as is it decided they will be parters the handcuffs expire and when they shake hands they glow.
Back in the present, Q-feuille's memory has returned. Ascoeur and Di-air come to fetch her as Un-ou and Tweedledum are out of recovery.

Next episode: A Bad Dream (悪い夢 Warui Yume)
Maiko Okada is back as Sakkan (who also did episode 8), with Takaomi Kanesaki joining for storyboards (who was key animator sakkan for a few episodes of the original series) and Daisuke Tsukushi (a newcomer to the series) for unit direction.

Other stuff:

Official site updated to advise that there will be KG-A articles in the February issues of both Newtype and Comptiq.


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The distinction between "kyoudai" and "shimai" is purely one of gender - "kyoudai" means "siblings," whereas "shimai" means "sisters."

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