KIDDY GiRL-AND Episode 13: Vacation, Vacation!

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I don't think the OP has changed for a couple of episodes now.
Belle and Alisa arrive on vacation planet Lirio. It seems that like Aure, you have to dock in orbit and go through customs before taking an elevator down, although that might also be because there appears to be very little land mass. They are there at this exclusive resort thanks to Belle, who turns out to be a daughter of the Cole Group (a possible connection to Liquiy?) Belle is shocked that Alisa is in her swimsuit already - but swimsuits are the dress code here. Someone somewhere is watching them while typing and.. grunting?

Meanwhile, Ascoeur, Q-feuille and Di-air are receiving their first mission - and it's not hush-hush since it was actually passed on by the UG, despite it being them who shut the GTO down in the first place. By an amazing coincidence the mission is to Lirio where girls have been going missing, including former Nouvlesse, and so has anyone send in to investigate so a ES-members are required.. "Yay! Vacation!".. I mean "Mission accepted!". As only women are allowed there they needed an all-female team (but why not sent Tweedledee as backup since this is an official mission?)

Still liking the warp effect. What's with all the junk out the window? Ah, they've noticed also - it's the remains of prior rescue attempts (ouch - you have to ask why the UG hasn't prevented more tourists from visiting if things are this bad). Just spotted a URL: "". The Engrish on the holoposter is at least mostly spelled correctly. OK, that steel pan riff was totally ripped off Disney's Little Mermaid. All three have gone for Bikinis, string bikinis in the case of the older two. Di-air likes Ascoeur's rose birthmark (it was referred to as a tattoo in the storyboards for the pilot DVD). Q-feuille doesn't think Typhon can come as the planet is only for girls, but Ascoeur thinks he is a girl.. and seems to have been corrupting him further.. and dresses him up in one of Q-feuille's bikinis. Mysterious person is still panting away at their computer. One of them has been identified as Nouvlesse VIP, but who? Di-air?

With a planet full of girls and maid robots they could totally have gone with nudism but I guess the mandatory steam would have been hard to justify on a beach ^^; And yes, Typhon is totally corrupted. Belle and Alisa spot them and they get together for a meal. They're totally unconcerned about a couple of security bots carrying off a pair of girls. They have complete control of the planet and don't allow anyone to leave but the guests don't really mind since they're there to relax anyway. Insert song is an instrumental version of Tsuki to Taiyou with a lead guitar solo. Even Q-feuille has got carried away.. oops, she's remembered she's supposed to be on a mission. They need to access the main computer, but it is underground and guarded by security robots so only ES-members could get close. Di-air blurts out that they are ES-members to the consternation of her partners, but the receptionists don't take her seriously.

At night a strict curfew is enforced so the streets are deserted apart from security androids. Lots and lots of androids, and Di-air's loud voice attracts their attention. Ascoeur has at least remembered she can teleport this week, but.. there's security everywere. Typhon comes to the rescue this time and takes them inside wherever they're trying to get to. Ascoeur drops her comb while trying to get it out of her bikini bottoms and Q-feuille's Choco Bonbombs are melting and going off prematurely (lucky she pulled them out when she did, really). Typhon can handle a few security bots however. And a metal door. This room is full of nanomist monitors showing security cam feeds of sleeping girls in bikinis and there's someone unconscious at the console. She is Iris, one of the team members sent in previously and asks for their help as the security system has gone beserk - it was designed (badly) to increase security as more important guests arrived, and there have been a lot of Nouvlesse visiting recently which has pushed it over the edge, including one super special VIP who arrived yesterday (is that the day they arrived or the day before?)

I'm not sure if some of the data on-screen is really old, badly put together or these girls are not their true ages as the DOBs don't match up - the first two (both Marias) are OK, one was born SC0360 and age 19 and the other born 0350 and aged 29, but the next two, one was born in SC0330 and is age 9, the next in SC0342 and is age 21. Iris has been deleting the visitor records of VIPs to trick the system into lowering security, but it just restores the data from the camera feeds. The computer melts down and a fire breaks out setting of the sprinklers everywhere (just as well they're all in bikinis) but the robots still won't let anyone out.

Iris janks a metal bar from a guardrail - bending it superhuman like in the process and orders them to lay into the computer to slow it down. Ascoeur pulls off another in the same fashion and Di-air powers up TAMA who fires lasers in panther form. Not to be beaten, Typhon starts shooting also. Looks like they went to far as the system shuts down completely... but then reboots. They head off to save the guests from the security robots headed and call Mistral down also, which awakens the orbital defence system. In the struggle Alisa loses her bikini top. Typhon has no trouble with the androids but a bunch of flying robots come after him, until they are saved by the planets own defense system.. briefly since the beams are coming after them. Mistral arrives in time and deflects the beams then takes out the cannons.

One android remains and is about to shoot Belle and Alisa when Q-feuille freezes it and Ascoeur dissects it - guess the secret is out. Oops, animation glitch - Di-air moves but TAMA doesn't and suddenly there are two of him. They need to fix Di-air's face for the DVD also.

Next ep: Time of encounter (出逢いの刻 Deai no Toki)
Episode direction and storyboards: Nao Higa (episode 21 of Saki)
Animation director: Miyuki Nakayama - another début in this role.


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heh, watching the raw I quickly picked up on the age discrepency as well. But what annoyed me more was near the beginning when they show Ascoeur and Qfeuille this supposed list of all these missing Nouvlesse daughters/ect, only for it to end up being a random assortment of the same 12 girls pasted over and over again. =p Other than that it was a good episode, (and melting choco-bombs going off pre-maturely makes me wonder how they're edible again?). Still not sure as to who was the antagonist over the coures of the entire thing and why, but I guess that's what the translation is eventually for, eh?

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