Gokikura 21 - Gocky Club Winter 2007: Kiddy Grade 2 PV genga


The Gocky Club site has been updated with more information on the 21st doujin to be released at Comiket 73 on the 29th of December - it is going to be a collection of K-G.2 genga (presumably similar to issue 13 which did the same for the original Kiddy Grade PV).



hey, you go to Acen too?
I'll see you there... as a matter of fact, I'm cosplaying as Que Feuilles :).
Say hi to me if you see me!

ACen is in the wrong country unfortunately (not that I've made it to any conventions in my own yet...)
I'd be interested in seeing photos if you have any though :)

My copy has finally arrived an I've taken some snaps:


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