Kiddy Grade Truth Dawn DVD release date


The final Kiddy Grade movie DVD is now listed on Amazon, with a release date set for the 21st of December. Not up on CDJapan or Yes Asia yet, I'll add the links when I have them. Includes the usual 8-page booklet and Kadonosono-illustrated mouse pad cover sticker thingy, no mention of any on-disc extras that I can see.

Yes Asia


Still not on the more English-friendly sites, but thought I'd mention that you can search by product code (KABA-3103 in this case) on Yesasia - I'm sure this never used to work but I can bring up the previous two volumes this way now.

For mine own reference, when it eventually appears on CDJapan it should be at:

CDJapan link is now live, updated entry.

Gave up waiting and messaged Yes Asia since they recently cancelled another DVD because apparently ordering it "only" a month in advance wasn't soon enough and I would really rather have the first press..

"In reference to your special request, please kindly be informed that it is now available in our website. You are welcome to visit its product webpage by submitting the catalog number to the search machine for product information:

Kiddy Grade - Theatrical Edition Part 3 : Truth Dawn (Dawn) (DVD) (Japan Version) (catalog # 1005103522)

Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiry, we are pleased to provide further assistance as soon as we receive your reply.

Once again, thank you very much for your continued support of We look forward to be serving you again soon."

link added above.

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