Kiddy Grade 2 Pilot DVD extras


Checking back at Amazon etc. more detail has been added regarding the release.

There's 4 minutes of bonus footage (sounds like it's just a slideshow of artwork like was included on the original Kiddy Grade PV) with audio commentary by Keiji Gotoh.
The first press release also includes a slipcover illustrated by Megumi Kadonosono and an 82-page conte booklet.
According to Neowing/CDJapan the video is 16:9 and the audio is Dolby 5.1


One of those little updates that's not worth a new entry, but I received an email from about 24 hours ago which I'm assuming means something along the lines of "your order just shipped".

CDJapan Shipped this morning also.
Some in Japan would appear to have it in their hands already since one of the Raw torrent groups is sharing it already.

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