Kiddy Grade 2 Pilot DVD available to preorder


Amazon finally have the DVD available to preorder. The release date is given as the 25th May.

[edit]Also available from CDJapan. According to them it is 7mins long, in widescreen and Dolby 5.1 and there is a first press bonus of some description.[/edit]

[edit=2]Release date now mentioned on the official site along with a link to the Chara-Ani store where they're also selling a copy with a Kiddy Grade Ignition phonecard included for ¥4,440. Still no news of what the first press bonus is.[/edit]

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Finally found it on Yesasia - they hid it behind another another of their 'creative' romanization jobs as KG2kideigureido2pairotsuto.
Now I have experience of their wierd system so I've been searching for "kidei" as well as kiddy (along with other likely terms such as "gimitsuku" and "gotou keiji" etc.) but apparently that only works if they bother to include spaces. I found it when I searched for "k g 2" on a whim.

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