Kiddy Grade 2 - Newtype USA article


The KG2 article from the February issue of NT was published in the April issue of NTUSA.
If they are to be believed, the girl's names are "Ascule" and "Que Feuilles" but since these don't seem to make much sense I'm holding out for official confirmation.

What they say:

Sometime after a giant intergalactic scuffle that would've destroyed the entire universe were it not for the courage of ES Force members Éclair and Lumière, new signs of chaos are beginning to emerge


"The overall setting will remamin the same," says show director Keiji Gotoh, stressing that there will be considerable continuity between the two series. "We haven't decided exactly how many years apart the two shows will be, but the new series will definitely be a true sequel, so expect to see some familiar faces from the ES Force. We're also planning a few very interesting opportunities for cooperation between the old and new characters."

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