Negima Episode 2

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Ok.. so where did her butt go?Asuna did not appreciate losing her favourite kuma pantsuT3H 3V1L L33TParty!Poor deformed Mackie.Wow, she *does* have eyes!No pantsu?Bear pantsu!Negi's big sis.

Not 100% sure how to work this properly, but having a go with the last thing I watched. I capped the ep primarily for avataring so haven't got the best shots story-wise to be honest. The animation quality hasn't improved on the first ep (and the raw encoding was dire too), and this is coming from me who's no great connosieur. In particluar closeups of faces often go wrong and they can't seem to draw butts properly at all. Pretty similar to the manga but with some changes, e.g. when Negi tried to erase her memory Asuna's clothes don't get completely blown off, just her pantsu (this being the fanservice-lite version of the story), they don't get caught while 'practising' her kokuhaku, and he spends the first night outside rather than in the girls' room. The dayglo pink hair looks worse on Makie than it does on the twins.

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OK.. I need to fiddle with this so the page is wider.. it's just using a sliver of my laptop's widescreen.

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