KIDDY GiRL-AND Episode 17: Unknown Name

Q-Feuille is at G-Society, in comfort and being looked after by Core. Oh, it's that name that name for the place that was mentioned before, Erde Meteor or something like that. She's suffering from amnesia but has been told that she's nobility. Ascoeur managed to break Typhon after only two uses. She's like my sister and mobile phones. He wakes up and brings up a recording of Q-feuille being captured, although Saphir had been about to administer the coup de grace before Rubis stopped her - but at least they know she is alive now.

Q-feuille gets a visit from the same doctor and nurse from a few episodes back, escorted by Saphir and Rubis. The Doctor has a white iPad, and it looks like her name is Olivia something. I don't know where they grabbed the medical jargon for that file from, but I'm pretty sure Q-feuille doesn't have bubonic plague and a father who died of prostate cancer ^^; Despite having no memories she is afraid of injections. This one being a sedative, that also suppresses her ability. The doctor is aware that she was created artificially - and it seems so were Saphir and Rubis. They can also tell that she isn't even 10-years old yet and Rubis seems to be taking a shine to her.

Return of the Pumpkin Pudding Man eyecatch!

They just flat-out admit to having been assassins - for the government in fact. 50 years when the Nouvlesse were deposed the new government intended to use them to hunt down Nouvlesse, and were tortured when they refused - for 25 years - but were rescued by Geacht'er just as their execution had been decided. Letuchaia comes to take a peek with Pauk but is caught in the act by Torch and Shade. They finally tell her what her name is, and It looks like her memory may be coming back as she remembers Ascoeur's name, although Shade is up to something with his powers.

It is her bedtime so the others all leave, and she scrawls Ascoeur's name on the mirror with lipstick. Geacht'er whispers something in Shade's ear. Meanwhile Ascoeur is acting all normal in the café and covering for Q-feuille. The following morning, Shade visits Q-feuille and it looks like he's trying to brainwash her. She no longer remembers writing on the mirror and smears it away, and also seems a lot more confident and familiar with her surroundings than she should be.

Lots of dialog this ep and little action so this will be getting a major overhaul at some point..

Next week: 9000x jealousy level for Letuchaia in Sister Princess (シスター・プリンセス).
Storyboarded, directed and supervised by Fumitoshi Oizaki/Oisaki (Kaleidostar, Romeo x Juliet, Welcome to the NHK).

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