KIDDY GiRL-AND Pure vol. 1

The first volume of the manga has arrived:

Along with November's Comp Ace and Ch. 6.5: "Breaktime GTO".

Also, since I never obtained a copy originally, here's ch. 4: "Smile and Delivery"

Now I have a legible copy of the cover I've also some corrections to my earlier post containing the character bios.

Also, to reiterate a few things I've added as comments that weren't worth creating entries for:

There's a 10m advert for the anime on the side of the Cinema Sunshine in Ikebukuro, for pictures see the official site and Aya Gouda's blog.

There's a few new magazine scans on

Aya Gouda and Natsuko Kuwatani have both blogged about their part in the anime, and both Aya Gouda and Aya Uchida have taken pictures of themselves with early copies of the manga.

The release date of OP single "Baby Universe Day" has been postponed from the 21st to the 25th of October, and there is now a section for the series on their site, which as of the moment only contains details on then OP. The artist name still hasn't been revealed but there was a post on 2ch (which no longer seems to be there, but there is a copy of it here) which claimed the artist is Aya Uchida, and also that the ED song title is "The Destiny's Line" by Faylan (until anything official comes out, take this with a heap of salt). [edit]actually, scratch that - it also says the single is being released on 11/11. Faylan does indeed seem to have a single coming out that day, but as it is pretty well documented that the KG-A ED singles are due out in December..[edit]

Anything else that comes up I'll either add here or in the comments.
No major links to add, but there's brief mentions of the series in Autumn Lineup posts in blogs everythere. There is a fan translation of the first chapter of the manga, but I'll let you locate that yourselves.

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