As Time Goes By


Initial comments based on raw:
Okay, here we go with the RAW.. this had better be a good last episode..
As we left off, Donnerschlag, Eclair and Lumiere +8 years or so rematerialize from the heart of the Deucalion's Reception System. The reappearance of Donner brings the two detatched arms which are still lying next to Dvergr and Chevalier back to life, and they return home with their charges in hand. Defense driods attack them, but they are taken out by a couple of mechs (can't work out who's). Alv is really losing it now and starts firing in all directions again. The episode title has switched to black-on-white. Eclair, Lumiere, Chevalier, Dvergr and Donnerschlag are now all back onboard the Calliope with Eclipse. Eclipse apologises for the damage to the dogfight bridge. Viola is upset, probably because Lumiere is now much older than her, and Cesario speaks out loud for the first time, saying something about G-Class ES-Members. Lumiere now glows and starts shrinking, returning to her usual appearance and probablt regaining her powers at the same time. The Calliope loses one of it's 'Flakes Feather/Phaser' things, and they lose contact with the Phoenix where both Cesario and Viola are unconscious on the damaged bridge. The assembled ES-Member Cruisers contine to assault the Deucalion, Armbrust and Mercredi have a chat, and Sinistra is injured along with his ship. Lumiere and Eclair head up to the deck of the Calliope and Lumiere attempts to take control of the Deucalion but is unable to. Elcair calls Donnerschlag up to join them, and I think she tells the Calliope to divert power from the shields to Donner. The Calliope loses it's remaning weapon-wing-thing and Alv is surprised at them turning off the shields. Eclair starts doing something with her powers, and Lumiere's eyes start flasing. Alv takes advantage of their defencelessness and fires a gigantic salvo at them (which suddenly is moving really slowly, for purposes of dramatic tension and dragging out the plot) but it doesn't connect as the CC intervenes. They are now ready, and Lumiere, boosted by Eclair, launches another attack on the Deucalion, the strngth of which causes her clothes to rip(!), and the giant mecha shoots itself in the head. Alv is not finished yet and reinforces the nanomist shield, but it is dispersed again by a resonance explosion from the yellow La Muse. The Deucalion finally disintegrates, much to the joy of the people of the galaxy (except the nobles). The eyecatch shows all the different forms that Elciar and Lumiere have taken.

Eclipse is now back in her office, and while she chats to someone on the vidphone thinks back over the events that followed. It seems that Eclair died in the final assault and the ES-Members are all mourning when Dvergr, who is still badly injured, releases the last of her power which revives Eclair (weak 'Cha Chan!), then recharges by taking some power from the Calliope and departs to her daughter's last resting place on the Deucalion brisge. However, she hears sobbing, which is coming from the key where Alv is calling out to her mother. We see a happy young family (I think Ms Padushka, Gluck and their newborn child). The kids from Aure look at pictures of the Earth on monitor. Chavalier dies in peace with a smile for his mother on his face. A-ou, Un-ou, Dextera and Sinistra are somewhere, possibly on the Earth? A bunch of people meet up with Tim and his grandfather. The council is back in session. and Eclipse finishes her little chat.

The bossy GOTT woman is ordering people around again, and the Tweedles, Cesario and Viola are looking ata a newborn baby, which appears to belong to Mercredi. Ms Padushka brings in her little boy which she has named Eclair and Armbrust arrives. In the GOTT reception, Bonita is at the desk with two others, Eclair now with with red hair and purplish eyes and another girl (dark hair and blue eyes who looks a bit like a tall Lumiere) who refers to Bonita as Sempai which suggests she is new to the job. Lumiere (light green hair and reddish eyes) arrives with Rikki who relives Eclair and the two depart for E-Shift. The ending is different, showing a series of scenes from the Calliope bridge with Eclair, Lumiere, Armbrust, Wirbelwind and Donnersclag, and is followed by a bit of the two girls in action. END.

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