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"The time has come", the Walrus said, "to watch the penultimate episode of Kiddy Grade together."
It's still stormy on Aineias, and crouds from all around the Galaxy continue to watch the proceedings. Eclipse's office is now empty. Chevalier is apparently still alive, as otherwise Eclair wouldn't be injecting him with medi nanites. Alv creates a massive hologram of herself on the bridge and uses the internal defence system to attack the four (Eclair, Lumiere, Chevalier and Dvergr). Eclair creates a barrier that holds off one beam, but when Alv activates another it can't cope. But Lumiere gets there in time with a nanomist shield created using two of her bottles (again, where does she pull those things from?). Alv remarks 'how cute' and starts a full barrage which starts to rapidly push back the shield. Space inside is getting tight when Donnerschlag turns up and takes out all the defenses. They all take off. Meanwhile, the Calliope is still dodging the Deucalion's attacks, and Aineias watches as the Deucalion warps out, leaving the Calliope behind. Donnerschlag is flying somewhere in the superstructure and for the moment is free from attack. The Deucalion warps out in orbit of a small, blue-green planet which activates it's defense systems. The Deucalion starts a planetary bombardment which causes tidal waves. Cue scenes of destruction at places that look rather like the Golden Gate Bridge, Big Ben and some Japanese architecture. The Noble council watches as their beloved home planet is destroyed. Alv thinks that she can't lose. Bambi get's it. Donner is trapped into a dead end and is being pulled into a gravity well, but manages to hold position until hit by lasers. They fire the injured pair off on Donner's Wired Arms and make it through just as the hatch closes, leaving Donner hanging by the cables, but not for long as the force on the cables causes them to start breaking through the hatch. Lumiere detatches the cables, sending her, Eclair and Donner plunging downwards in order to save the two left above. They land in the Reception System chamber which activates to absorb them and their powers. The Calliope warps in with Eclipse in command and she tries to attack, but in the end she can only watch as Donner, Lumiere and eventually Eclair are absorbed by the system. Alv fights back and the Calliope is damaged and tries to escape around the planet, but this is fruitless when your enemy is the size of a planet itself. Eclipse activates a resonance explosion that disperses some of the Deucalion's nanomist shield allowing her to attack directly, but Alv activates some satellites to hold the Calliope in place so she can attack at leisure. But before she can finish the Calliope for good, a pair of blue and red ships acting in unison (which means it has to be the dual ship of Dextera and Sinistra) cut off the Deaucalion's arm, causing Alv to feel the same pain. Their arrival heralds that of a large fleet, including the Phoenix and the Galador. Even as Alv starts to re-attatch the broken arm the Phoenix opens a hole in the shield through which the Galador fires a missile. Causing more damage to the Deucalion, which rapidly repairs itself. Before the hole closes completely, a missile streaks in containing a glowing cylinder which seems to suggests 'Hashish', and indeed it is, causing a massive explosion as the CC joins the party. The rest of the fleet commences bombardment, while creating a field that I think is supposed to stop the Deucalion warping. Alv doesn't take this sitting down and starts firing back,causing immense casualties. At this moment a familiar sillouete warps in - it's another La Muse, the orange one, followed by the blue, pink, yellow and two green ones (and the Eclairs and Lumieres are now outfitted in matching colours). Alv starts going mental and the yellow ships fires another resonance explosion that takes care of the whole nanomist shield for good. Each La Muse has a different weapon, the pink ship fires the Hedgehog (a stream of red lasers), the blue ship creates 6 copies of itself using Quantum Warp, the dark green ship phases out or something (a move very reminiscent of the Sol Bianca, Lumiere calls it 'wavesail debt' or something) and fies lots of little attack probes. Alv redoubles her attack, and the orange La Muse produces a large Deflection Field and the CC, Galador and Phoenix start attack runs. The blue La muse and copies take damage, but Lumiere does something to fix it, I think reducing the number of copies as there only seem to be three left afterwards. The Calliope is now accomanied by another ship containing Armbrust and Mercredi, and they are joined by Dextera and Sinistra's ships. The power reserves on the Deucalion get low so Alv opens a massive hatch on the chest containing the Reception System chamber, presumably in order to refuel the ship by absorbing energy from the sun. However, Alv, and everyone else, is extremely surprised when Lumiere, Eclair and Donnersclag rematerialise. Lumiere suddenly look rather older [pic], and in fact now seems a little taller than Eclair [pic].

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