Demolition / Titan

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Right, following on from the last episode, Deucalion warps out from Giegfried, knocking the Cē for six with it's wake, and warps out at a familiar binary star system - it's arrived in Aineais space. Eclair runs off, leaving behind Lumiere who tries to follow her, telling her they are partners. She can't keep up and falls over, but Eclair comes back to help her. In space the Deaucalion starts changing shape, accompanied by much theatrical music. It's transforms into a giant mecha, and I mean giant, seeing as it started as a really large space vessel, and partially blocks the sun. Perspective makes it hard to judge the size in relation to the planet. The La Muse lifts off. Aineias' orbital ring projects a planetary nanomist shield. the La Muse fires missiles at the Deucalion, but they're taken out by point defence lasers before they even hit the shield. There's an explosions on the bridge and Alv and Dvergr step through, Alv pointing a gun at Chevalier and shoots him in the arm to prove she's serious. Dvergr stands inbetween to stop her, but Alv just shoots her untill she falls out of the line of fire. Chevalier in the meantime, has erected a shield and activates a defense system that diarms Alv, although it cannot harm her as she can simply absorb the beams. He has another trick up his sleeve however, and opens a hatch that seems to open onto a vacuum as Alv is sucked through. She is thrust into a glowing chamber, which seems to turn the tables by absorbing her. He opens a hole in the crafts shields to let the La muse in, and the girls arrive on the bridge in a similar manner to the last pair. Eclair trains a gun on him while Eclair tries to arrest him. It's now revealed that Chevalier is actually the child we've seen Eclair holding in flashbacks, onlynow he's all grown up. She looked all motherly at that time, with plain clothing and brown hair and eyes. Chevalier was taken away from her for some reason and grows up as a member of the Nobility, but still keeps an eye on Eclair. The conversation from the bridge is transmitted to Aineias and the whole of the GU; we see people from many of the planets we've visited before watching the transmission. Eclair cannot shoot her own son, and instead shoots herself in the arm. She is saved from her dilemma, however, when the ships autodefenses take him out. Alv has somehow merged with the ship and taken control of it. And her maniacal laughter doesn't bode well for the rest of the universe.

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