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*Title changed from Arc to Ark as they've corrected this error on the Official site.

I'm (finally) going to make a stab at polishing off these reviews (as it's been a while since the series ended my memory wil be a hindrance). Original comments follow as usual.

The episode begins at the launching ceremony of the massive new Atlas-class starship, the Deucalion (The son of Prometheus who built an Ark in Greek mythology) Tweedledee and Tweedledum are at the construction area in the C-Square with a bottle of Champagne on board. In reply to Tweedledee's comment on it's immense size Tweedledum informs us that it's 63,568km long and gives the basic specs: that it's independantly warp-capable, self-sustaining and capable of terraformation. Brief discussion on the purpose of the thing, Tweedledum referring to it as a god made in man's image, and it's revealed that Tweedledee has no great love for the Nouvlesse.

Initial comments (based on low quality raw):
First things first, I'm still sure the title is meant to read 'Noblesse Ark', but anyway.. festivities are underway for the grand launching of the new Atlas-type spaceship the 'Deucalion' (is this the same as the 'Duklyon' name which Clamp are fond of?). The Tweedle-twins are patrolling the area in the C-square, acompanied by a bottle of champagne. Chevalier d'Autriche (important guy we've seen before, GOTT DG I think he's supposed to be) is on Giegfried, don't know if it's the same planet. On Aineias it's raining pouring, ES-members use nanomist umbrellas it seems. Armbrust chats with Eclipse, while relaying everything to his little girlfriend. Meeting of nobles inner-council, Chevalier not bothered turning up. Eclipse's secretary is still referred to as Vendredi. Two old friends I thought were dead, Alv and Dvergr (guess I should have known better) turn up to chat with Chevalier, both missing an eye and sporting little masks. I suppose they managed to Absorb some of the blast that should have killed them. Alv is in a baad mood (you know, her eyes are smaller than Dvergr's, which probably means Dvergr isn't all that bad). Chevalier is still carrying around the key he palmed in ep 16, and he can become invisible. Lumiere and Eclair bump into Armbrust's little friend, and she really is Mercredi. Her hair is a lot like Armbrust's as it is now, could she be his daughter or something? Nothing would surprise me any more. Lumi and Eccy pop in to see their old pal Eclipse, Vendredi is surprised to see them, and they are surprised to see whatever documents she has about the Deucalion. On Aure (the planet Eclair freed from the nobles) civilisation is blooming, construction work is being assisted by the Rosenfeld Foundation, and Tim himself is there for a visit. Chevalier is up to something involving that key, and apparently that something is stealing the Deucalion. Odd how one man with one little key can steal something that big, isn't it? The twins are a little surprised, especially when the ship generates a massive nanomist shied around itself and knocks them away. The Deucalion warps out.

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