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I've now seen both the subs so have a better idea of the finer details, but I'll leave my original notes at the bottom of the page.
We begind where the last episode left off, with the bikerchicks arriving and revaeling themselves as the originals of Eclair and Lumiere. Eclair comments that all the same faces makes things confusing, and that Alv may be comfortable with the body but she wears too much makeup, and Lumiere also outs Dvergr. Armbrust says that their ability 'Absorb' allows them to absorb and copy things. Alv-Eclair does a Highlander 'there can be only one' before attacking, which Eclair counters (making a bit of a crater in the process). The next attack is blocked by Lumiere with a nanomist barrier, but when it is disrupted by Dvergr-Lumiere they are both knocked flying. Watching from then cliffs, Sinistra questions whether they should be stepping in rather than just observing. Alv-Eclair gets back on her high horse about eliminating antisocial elements like them, which obviously Eclair and Lumiere disagree with and the head Eclair-puppet is spurred into attacking with black bolts, then speeds towards them while the other 5 cover her. Dvergr-Lumiere's powers betray her, which doesn't go unnoticed, and Eclair, realising what is going on, tries to warn the puppet but it's too late - as she touches Alv-Eclair her power is absorbed, refreshing her abilities and leaving the puppet drained and helpless. Alv-Eclair launches a supercharged attack which the collective puppets are unable to counter and they are only saved when Armbrust sacrifices half of his briefcase, with Lumiere commenting again that it's a really handy thing to have.
Armbrust decides that now is the time to leave and they head uphill with Alv-Eclair and Dvergr-Lumiere tailing them. The injured Eclair-puppet, who is being helped along by her original, apologises for what happened and Lumiere explains that the Absorb ability probably has a time limit, and when that is up the pair will need to recharge by absorbing more power. The puppet beats herself up about handing them a free meal when they were just at the limit, but Eclair demurs, saying she'd probably have done the same thing. Armbrust decides that now is the time to attack, since their odds increase as their opponants power fades, adding that they have the strategical advange of higher ground and offers to protect the other girls. The Eclairs create an avalanche which buries the pair below who haven't the power left to block it, but the celebrations don't last long as energy whips spring from the ground, dragging two puppets down allowing Alv-Eclair and Dvergr-Lumiere to recharge. Thanking them for the delivery, she offers payment by way of one of those black spheres. Armbrust creates a nanomist shield with his briefcase, but it is insufficient to protect him and the puppet platoon leaving only Eclair and Lumiere still standing, but not for long as Alv-Eclair easily knocks them over with a wave of her arm. Armbrust stands in front of them and they beg him to run, but when ordered to leave by Alv-Eclair he says he won't, reminding her that he loves them. It looks like he's about to bite the bullet when twin beams of energy announce the arrival of Sinistra and Dextera, who claim they didn't actually come to help but to deal with the imposter.
Time has run out for Alv and Dvergr who are back to their normal selves, but Alv declares she won't give up until she has her revenge. She explains that she absorbed Eclair's G-Class powers, assasinated the Director and gained power all to get her revenge on the Nobility, who she feels are to blame for all the hardships she has gone through as an ES-Member, and never being allowed to die. Eclair and Lumiere counter that they are in the same position, and that Alv is just acting like a spoiled brat, using revenge as an excuse to gain power when she could have simply fled if that was how she felt. But Alv and Dvergr have a trump card - their ship is hidden below the ground and rises to attack, also launching their Guardian Robot (Thor I believe). Aclair advises a strategic withdrawal so the whole mottley crew leave post-haste with Alv and Dvergr in quick pursuit. Armbrust says he understands how they feel, but that it doesn't warrant endangering innocent people, to which Dextera adds that she was probably responsible for the destruction of the GOTT towers, as well as killing Eclipse. He admits disproving of the was the Nobility runs things, but that it's not an excuse to wreak havok as the destruction of the GOTT would mean financial disaster. Unfortunately they reach a dead end - a sheer drop off a cliff with the sea far below.
It seems all is lost, with the guns of the ship and the robot trained on them, and Alv indulges in a typical bad-guy-about-to-kill-good-guy delaying speech, but Lumiere senses something below the waters. Something then starts the break the surface and a beam lashes out, knocking Alv and Dvergr's ship from the sky with one shot. What surfaces is a white version of the late La Muse, which Lumiere explains is the original prototype for the La Muse, named Calliope (one of the nine Muses who were goddesses from Greek mythology, the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, who each presided over different areas of the arts and sciences) and comes complete with Donnerschlag MkII (now in pink). Alv's shock increases even more when Eclipse rises to the deck (accompanied by A-ou and Un-ou), and explains that she was once an ES-Member herself and her ability is 'Quant', or Quantum Jump, Eclair explains that this is what enables her to encode and regenerate the ES-Members. Alv gets mad and launches her robot craft towards her, while Eclipse calmy explains that she knew all along that Alv was in contact with the Director General. Alv and Dvergr's dying ship fires one last salvo, which Eclipse somehow reflects back towards them, presumably killing them.
As the sun sets on the aftermath, the lead puppet comes forward to say thanks and goodbye (Sayounara, which is meant as a final farewell) because they are just shadows, disposable puppets created to fuel Alv and Dvergr and as such don't have a high life expentancy. Eclipse adds that they are also illegal and can't exists, but when Eclair is going to argue continues that if they can't exist, then they never did and as such cannot be punished. As she says this 6 more ships rise from the water, all copies of the La Muse in different colours (named after 6 of the remaining 8 Muses: Clio, Terpsichore, Erato, Euterpe, Thalia, and Polymnia or Polyhymnia. Urania was the pink La Muse destroyed by the Hashish virus and Melpomene seems to have been missed out), and that they are gifts to them provided they promise to live what life they have left to the full. As they watch the ships leave, Eclair tells Eclipse that she understands her now and Armbrust, who is smoking at a distance from the others, ponders to himself as the how the GU will react to all this.


Original comments (based on raw):
I've only seen a low quality raw so far, so can't make a full review, but here's some comments anyway.. This episode sees the coming together of everything I expected since episode 15: Alv and Dvergr are revealed for who they really are, then get into a big brawl with 7 pairs of Ec-chan and Lumi-chan, Armbrust, Dextera and Sinistra. They are actually winning until Eclipse makes a comeback from the grave, accompanied by Un-ou and A-ou on a shiny white resurrected La Muse, complete with pink Donnerschlag [pic 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]. And not only that, but the puppet pairs each get their own ship, all in different colours [pic 1, 2].

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