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We start with a recap of the end of the last episode. After the strangers have fled on their hoverbike with 5 clone pairs in pursuit, Director Eclair sets the military on them as well. The Director spots Dextera and Sinistra and sends them back inside. Her Lumiere tells her that the 'puppets' are unstable and need monitoring. Armbrust approaches them and offers his services as an inspector, and they are surprsed to see him free, but he rebuffs their questions. Eclair asks why he hasn't fled, and he tells her he loves them so she permits him this change to redeem himself. He catches up to the errant pair of clones on a hoverbike and inquires after their health. The director and her Lumiere are watching on a monitor, and Eclair comments that it's wise to keep dangerous individuals together. Meanwhile, police cruisers have caught up with the pair on the bike and start firing. To prevent injury to civilian bystanders, they take to the sky and, diving at high speed out of the sun, leaves the cruisers in disarray.

They next encounter the 5 clone pairs who throw more light spears (identified now as nanomist javelins) which are easily blocked and countered with a stronger form of javelin. The puppets now produce lipsticks which are used in a variety of ways - the familiar whip and grenade, plus laser rapiers and guns. The taller rider is now caught between the Eclairs and Lumieres, who are now using bottles as grenades and guns (where do they produce those from anyway?) and caught in a nanomist net, but is rescued by her parter on the bike and taunts them on their lack of experience while pulling off. The Eclair with Armbrust receives a mental order form the Director to follow the riders into a forest and the trio head off that way too, as orders are orders. Sinistra and Dextera meanwhile are disobeying orders and heading off to the area in a hovercar.

Armbrust comments to his companions that the rocks in the area are highly magnetic and calls for a rest. Eclair ponders her act of disobedience, so he tells them a tale of 'two girls he knew' who also disobeyed the GOTT and were branded as rebels. He relates how they looked like children, but had lived long lives and were very independant but kind. He tells them that they did what they did because they felt it was important, and they they were reported to be dead. Eclair sets Genetic Beasts (the hounds seen before and giant red mechas) after the intruders, in accordance with her stated purpose to eliminate all threats to order.

As Armbrust and co. watch from a distance, the red monsters turn on their masters and soundly beat them. Armbrust tells the girls that the new D-Series Genetic Beats are controlled by electromagnetic waves, which the rocks in the area are interfering with. Eclair can't stand to see the soldiers suffering so, despite being reminded by armbrust that going against the Diectors orders again would mean trouble for her, charges to the rescue accompanied by her partner. During the fight, the Director arrives and warns that their actions are rebellious and tells them to stand down, and that puppets should obey their master. Eclair takes out the last beast anyway, so the other 10 clones are ordered to kill them. The masked intruders intervene, and with Eclair's customsary 'Chachan!' entry reveal themselves fully. As was obvious, they are the orignal Eclair and Lumiere pair, only now Eclair has short,dark purple hair and red eyes, and Lumiere has green eyes and hair, worn very long (pic). Lumiere chucks a bottle which sprays the puppets with sparkly stuff she calls a 'Neuro Blaster' that restores them and breaks the Director's control. Armbrust, Dextera and Sinistra watch on from the sidelines.

I've just noticed in this episode, that the puppets all have paler hair and eye colour in comparison to Eclair and Lumiere's former appearance.
I'm not sure which is worse, Lumiere's old costume or this new frumpy thing.
I wasn't sure from the title whether it would be the masked riders, the Director, or both being unmasked, but I hope they put the Alv/Dvergr riddle to rest soon...

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