Phantasm / Reborn


This episode begins with a meeting between the head bigwigs of the GOTT and a council of Nobles about the appointment of the new Director. The two men then have a discussion on the importance of patience. We move onto the site of the former GOTT office, where construction work is already underway on a replacement building while the rubble is being cleared. Meanwhile, at the temporary offices we see Rikki and friend on reception, under heavy guard, and the arrival of Sinistra and Dextera who are ushered into the office of 'Deputy' Director Eclair (and Lumiere, note these are the versions with the voices and chokers of Alv and Dvergr) by someone who looks like Mercredi (and is indeed named as such by Eclair) but who claims her name is what I believe to be 'Vendredi' (French for Friday, while Mercredi is French for Wednesday). Eclair is obviously annoyed by the Deputy monniker. Cut to Armbrust who is held under armed guard and pondering why Eclair was under an erase order one minute, then promoted the next, then cut back to Eclair who informs the guys that she is introducing new ES members, as the Tweedledee/Tweedledum and Viola/Cesario pairs are out of action (we see Cesario and Tweedledee floating in cylinders), and incresing the military might of the GOTT, which Dextera questions is lipstick-whipped for his trouble. He apologises, but not without slipping in a 'Deputy' to annoy her, but is saved another whipping by Lumiere. After being dismissed they head down to a deep sub-basement, to a large room full of criss-crossing bars where they received some of their ES-Member training. Here they meet a surprise attack by a pair Eclair and Lumiere clones wearing black clothes and visors who are introduced as the new ES-Members who are in need of some training. They are joined by 5 more identical pairs and the Eclairs lay into them mercilessly with hand-to-hand combat and energy blasts. Three clones join together to create a massive ball of energy which they are unable to escape from due to a nanomist barrier created by the Lumieres. The resulting blast detroys most of the room, shaking the building above and leaving quite a sizeable crater, but somehow the pair escape mostly uninjured. One clone is seen to be acting differently to the others

A call comes in to Eclair's office from the head of the GOTT for Alv and Dvergr, but Eclair claims they are dead and doesn't answer. We then cut to a mysterious pair in dark body armour and helmets riding a rocket powered motorcycle and sidecar and then cut back to the GOTT offices, where a large croud has gathered outside in front of a platform occupied by the 6 clone pairs. Eclair comes out to speak, announcing her new vision for the GOTT and her plans to wipe out those who oppose the Nobles. Meanwhile, Armbrust has made his escape and joined the crowd. Eclair continues sprouting propaganda, now echoed by the clones behind her, except one Eclair who stumbles on the words, and is troubled by flashbacks of Aure. Her partner tries to help her along but to no avail. Director Eclair speaks the words in her mind, but both now collapse to their knees and are struggle to speak. After another flashback Eclair bursts out with what she said on Aure, much to the pleasure of the crowd and the displeasure of the Deputy Director who is about to kill Eclair when the motorcyclists arrived (beating Sinistra and Dextera who were also running to the scene), the taller of whom announces in Eclairs voice the #1 rule of and ES-Member, that they must obey any order of the Director, but questions whether this 'Deputy' Director is really representing the will of the GOTT. The 5 loyal Eclairs launch glowing spears at the pair, which are intercepted by the hesitant clone pair who leap into the path, losing their visors in the process and reveling their faces, much to the amazement of the crowd who apparently hadn't caught on. The taller stranger suggests that there is still hope for this pair. They open the visors of their helmets, revealing eyes and hair that are unlike those of Eclair and Lumiere (but no more so than how they appeared in the Episode 13 flashbacks) before zooming off on their bike again, with the remaining 5 pairs in pursuit.

Well, for one thing - the mannerisms and expressions of (Deputy) Director Eclair reminded me of Asuka from Evangelion.
I'll probably add some more when I've had some sleep and done some spellckecking :)

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