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This episode begins with a slightly modified opening sequence (see screencaps) - the images at the start before the logo have been replaced with wide and closeup of Lumiere and Eclair in front of panning shots of their bodies and some of the later images have changed - the first clips of Eclair on the bridge from the first episode have been replaced with wide and close shots of Eclair on Donnerschlag although the next clip of her firing her gun remains the same. The clip of Lumiere on the battle bridge is now a clip of Lumiere throwing a bottle of 'grape juice'. The shot of Eclair with her lipstick-whip (after the kiss line) has been redone (now with a flashy anime action background) and the clip of Armbrust has changed to a wider-angle shot with a cigarette in his mouth.

Most of the episode is a recap of what has gone before, with some new material at the start from before the first episode showing Lumiere teaching Eclair about herself after having her memory wiped. There is a summary of the series so far in the form of a report from Armbrust detailing his observations of Eclair and Lumiere, followed by information on the current situation on Aineias. Following the death of Eclipse and the fall of the GOTT towers a new director was apointed by the GU - Eclair, with Lumiere as secretary (only these are Alv-Eclair and Dvergr-Lumiere as seen at the end of episode 15) who has set up a new temporary office on Aineias and appointed 12 new ES-Members, having fired the originals, and these all appear to be Lumiere and Eclair clones. One other thing of note, is a glimpse of what appears to be Mercredi's foot behind Armbrust. There is also a conversation between Armbrust's superior and another man which probably won't become clear for some time.

I'm working on translating the text of the preview of ep 17, but it's hard going as not only is there is a lot of Kanji (and face it, I can't even read kana) but it criss-crosses and fades in and out a lot.

it is patience

Congratulations, Director Eclair

606... GOTT長官殿か
606... The GOTT Director General...


(if anyone knows what that troublesome Kanji character above is. I'd be grateful..)

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