Break / Down

I've not gotten around to writing full episode reviews yet (not even sure if my writing skills are up to the task) but there are a few interesting things in this episode that bear comment:

Tweedledum tells Eclair that if they give themselves in, nothing nasty will happen. So having an erase order put on them and their companion AIs infected with a kamikaze virus and destroyed was a friendly gesture then?

Tweedledee comments that Eclair may have regained her memories and full powers. She also refers to her as being the most powerful ES-Member, and also apparently as being a 'G-Class' (while formerly she's been referred to as C-Class and the highest stated level is S-Class). We know that her former memories had been resurfacing since Episode 8 when she came under the influence of the mind control field on Dardanos, and she (probably) had her full memories returned as a side-effect of the Anti-D Command vaccine. Also her powers have been seen to increase since episode 11 when she lost control of her emotions and knocked back a whole platoon of soldiers with just a wave of her arm.

Lumiere somehow causes an explosion using water by taking her glove off. The only time she's been seen to do this previously (iirc) was when trying to save Eclair on Dardanos.

Cesario is possibly fatally injured by the explosion while protecting Viola and Lumiere is left badly injured and either unconscious or dead, but Alv and Dvergr disappear. When we next see Lumiere she mysteriously appears in Eclair's path looking uninjured and wearing Dvergr's Reflex choker. Carrying 'Lumiere', Eclair bumps into Alv and the scene is cut. The next time we see Eclair and Lumiere they are both wearing Reflex chokers and Eclair is clearly speaking in Alv's voice. They can't have Absorbed them, as we've seen Lumiere's body and by that same token they can't be controlling them, so it might be some sort of chamelion trick, but Dvergr is able to use Lumiere's powers... However they did it, it was Alv and Dvergr who actually 'assasinated' the Director, not Eclair and Lumiere. Eclipse is probably a former ES-Member, so I don't think she's dead.

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