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Engrish: Often amusing mistakes and misconceptions arising when the Japanese attempt to write in English, so named for their proclivity of swapping 'l's and 'r's.

Note (October 2007): I have been forced to block all unknown referrals to images on this page. Someone has recently hotlinked the whole lot from a Korean message board that I assume is a fairly highly trafficed since the site has just gone through it's normal bandwidth allocation for the whole month in just a few days.

Finally got around to starting this section. I'm going to start with this gem from Uchuu no Stellvia episode 1, as I've just spotted it and can't be bothered wading through my files and DVD looking for stuff at the moment:P
* Dissapointingly, this has been fixed for the DVD version

Earth Pubric Corporation Fujiyama

Here's the preview screen shown at the end of D.N.Angel episodes 1 and 5. Notice that from episode 5 onwards they fix 'audienced' and nearly fix 'storyboed' but miss 'derected' completely. Another error is that 'the following preview' actually comes before this screen, not after.

D.N.Angel Preview 2D.N.Angel Preview 6

Stellvia has come up the the goodies again, with these clips from episode 12.

Does it make answer? It records. After a dial tone please message It is transmitting

Just saw a couple of things in the first episode of Sister Princess. Not the funniest of mistakes, but I thought I'd include them anyway, for now at least.

Very Welcome Promised Iland
Stargazar Peak Park

Back to Stellvia again, with a tiny little bug (one letter actually). I've taken liberties and merged a couple of frames to make the moment clearer (it's quite an important moment for the series too so deserves special attention).

Shoot down

And here's probably the last of the Stellvia bashing (I do love this series, honest!) as I've now finished the series. I'm not quite sure what 'The mission for next stage' is supposed to mean, and some of those placards have me completely baffled.

Genesis MissionStellvia placards
The Mission for Next Stage

Sorry for the low quality on this one, it's from my Sol Bianca DVD and they seem to have dumped it to disc straight from the VHS masters (hard subs and all, they even messed up the 'datablast' of sketches at the end as the frames don't line up and there's some pages superimposed on each other so are useless). I presume it's supposed to say 'Danger', but even allowing for the impenetrable font they use it clearly doesn't.


And to finish off today's additions, a trio from the first ep of Kaleido Star. I'll allow them 'America Guide Book', and possibly even 'Gentele men', but what's a scric? I don't know what a 'Laelaps' is (if there really are signs like this in the US then I apologise) and fiction place or not, shouldn't that be Cape Mary? (PS, Wikipedia says a Laelaps is a Greek pooch.)

America Guide BookLaelaps
Police Deptartment - City of Cape Mery

The preview for Gonzo's new series Chrno Crusade has been fansubbed (nuns, guns, and fanservice.. odd combination..), and this caught my eye.. I hope someone out there can make sense of it, because I can't :P.

Chrno Crusade

Gonzo strikes again: sticking with Chrno Crusade, this time from episode 11.

Brooklym Bridge

Here's a couple of clips from Angelic Layer.

Anjel educafe condifion
Main Controll Saver

And a little something from D.N.Angel.


Some stuff from R.O.D the TV I've been meaning to put up for ages.. Should be 'Metropolitan' and 'Aldgate', and I assume "dume it!" should be "done it!".

Dume it!
Metrolitan Railway Startion, Aldoate

More classic Engrish from Gonzo, with this beauty from Bakuretsu Tenshi 10.


This is from the same episode of BakuTen, I'm not sure what 'mileage' is supposed to mean, but it looks like a birthdate.

Tatibana's Mileage

Sticking with Gonzo but returning to Chrno Crusade, this is from the end of the last episode. I'm pretty sure that should be John Paul, not Joan..

Pope Joan Paul

This is from Tokyo Mew Mew, although that Greek letter just below leaves me wondering if it shouldn't be 'Mu Mu'.

An old earth environment level

A minor mistake from the first episode of Stellvia that I missed before.

View form satellite

Another long-overdue update.. cracking off with this puzzling sign from Aishteru Ze baby. If it actually means something, feel free to let me know...

No Cold

Caught this from some preview a while back. The filename suggests Blue Gender but I'm not sure.


A pair from Najica (but not the white cotton type).

Infliht Maeuver

A newspaper from Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto. 'Restructure Restructuring'?.

Restructure Restructuring

Beck's title page. What can I say.

Mongorian Chop Squad

Nice to see Gonzo is still not dissapointing. This is from Sunabouzu.

fireling verocity

Again.. long time no update, and I've got a huge backlog (although most of that is just from Gasaraki:P). I'm going to kick off with this lovely item from Full Metal Panic:

Everything is gonna happy

This is from Trigun, gotta love how they get the main character's name wrong.

Vash the Stanpeat

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